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Thursday, July 21, 2011


When it comes to post war BMW accessories, none seems more coveted than the VDO handlebar clock.  This rare accessories is found is a couple of different styles including gold face, or as pictured here, with a black face. Originally used by racers of the day, today they seem to be the holy grail of the "BMW Bling Hound".   Rarely do you see one mounted to a bike that isn't also accompanied by a tachometer, and a Hella spotlight/mirror. 

The five (5) jeweled movement was housed in a rubber ring to help decrease shock from the bouncy ride.  Note the red hand on this model actuated by the center nob to help record section or lap times.

These occaisionally come up for auction or sale.  The black face seems more desireable than the gold, as they obviously match better with other instruments on a classic BMW such as the speedometer or tachometer.

For more pictures, information and discussion of VDO clocks, check out the website of fellow collector James Young by following this link.


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  2. The value depends on model and condition. To the BMW collector, the black dial ones are more coveted, and the clock with the red indicator is probably the most rare. The rubber mount, such as would be used on ISDT type situations, adds to the value. I have never owned one, but have heard of them selling in the range of a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars.