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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Post-war plunger toolkit

A fellow collector was recently asking for pictures of an original, post-war plunger frame bike toolkit.  Attached below are photos of an original kit that came with my 1952 R68.  The same would have been supplied with R51/3 and R67.

The bag is a canvas material and sort of grey-green in color.

Wrench size ranges from SW 6.5 to SW 41.  Notice what wrench size is absent?  No 13 mm.  The reason being in 1952 the DIN for an M8 was still SW 14 for the nut and bolt. 

The wrenches are marked "Walter".  The logo is similar to the Volkswagen logo, only with two crossed hammers forming the "W".  The large wrench is a "Hazet" and the small carb wrench is not marked. 

The pliers are marked "Rahsol" and the pin wrench has a BMW "Zeichnungsnummer" or drawing number.

For those not familiar with the older BMW numbering system, the above number isn't a part number, and its not a casting number.  It is a drawing number, with some logic to it.  251.3 is the frame type, that corresponds to R51/3 and R67.  The number 97 refers to the "group".  In the old BMW system, group 97 is "tools".  The 017 is the number of a specific tool, in this case 017 is the pin wrench.  Finally 04 corresponds to the size of the drawing, in this case 04 means that the drawing was A4 paper size.