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Friday, June 12, 2015

Mystery Tool

Some years ago I came across this interesting tool for BMW motorcycles.  To be perfectly honest, I don't remember where it came from.  It is marked "Gift of David Ide". 

I don't know David Ide, but have benefited from his "gift" many times.  I have to assume David was a tool maker, machinist, or BMW enthusiast.  Perhaps all three.  

Any guess as to what this tool is for?  Scroll down for the answer.  

A wonderful little wrench for removing the top of the BING carb slide chamber!

Quail Motorcycle Gathering - 2015

Since 2009 the Quail Lodge has been host to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering.  This is a fun-filled weekend of vintage bike sites, sounds and smells.  The Friday Quail Ride is a great chance to hear vintage machines as they make their way through Carmel Valley and the Monterey Peninsula.

On Saturday, the bikes are cleaned up and put on display for the general public, and to undergo scrutiny by a select group of judges assembled from around the country.

Next years "Gathering" will be on Saturday, May 14th.  Don't miss it!  For those who are members of the VBMWMOA, look for a write up and more pictures in next club magazine.

The grounds just prior to the awards ceremony.  Great crowd and great bikes this year!


The very rare R9S!

Hope those aren't live rounds.

Part of Scottie Sharps collection.  The nice R11 is a customers bike.  It is reportedly ridden quite regularly.