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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Aftermarket hubs for BMW plunger frame bikes.

In the 50's and 60's there were several companies in Germany and the US providing aftermarket parts for BMW motorcycles.  Notables from Germany include the firms of Ernst Hoske and Georg "Schorsch" Meier.  Both turned their passion for racing into business ventures.

One of the parts offered by both Hoske and Meier were aftermarket hubs.  As the plunger frame bikes up to 1954 utilized a 200mm half hub design, the width of the brakes on the stock machines was quite small.

Hoske offered a replacement full width aluminum hub.  Unlike the factory hubs which were fitted with drive splines front and rear, the Hoske front hub deleted the drive spline to save weight. 

The Meier hubs are also full width and made of aluminum.  The front and rear hubs are identical with a drive spline in both.

Hoske also made lightweight versions out of Elektron (a magnesium alloy).  However when found today, these are often very corroded or have cracks in them. 

Complete wheel with 19" high lip Weinmann rims, and half polished Meier hub.  Note the center is the same rough cast finish as the motor, trans and final drive.

Notice from the Meier Prospekt that the hubs were offered in three varieties, matte finish, partly polished or polished. 

Here is an example of the Meier full width hub in full polished form.

 Below is a photo (albeit not a great one) of the Hoske firms Prospekt for racing parts.  I have shown the page describing the available wheels, hubs, brakes, etc.

Here is a front hub and brake setup. This is a dedicated front hub as you'll note there is no drive spline.  Pictured is a standard simplex front brake plate.  The shoes are wider than standard.

Hoske rear hub.

Same hub as above from the outside.  I have seen two variations of this hub.  Some have the bolts going all the way through with cap nuts on the outside.  I have also seen variations where the bolts don't go all the way through, thus from the outside, the front and rear hubs look the same. 

You will notice that the Meier hubs use a bent spoke, while the Hoske hubs use a straight pull spoke.  Both the Meier and Hoske hubs are equally desirable. 


  1. Thank you for a most informative discussion; AFAIK, there is no other review of this subject elsewhere. A question: Is the Hoske hub an aftermarket copy of the BMW rennabteilung/racing department hub, presumable not available commercially?

  2. Good to see some attractive wheels to come on roads. Love the axle design and the tyres also. If I will buy a bike I will definitely design like this.

  3. Nice looking wheels i also found a pair off these wheels, and i agree allmost nothing to find about these wheels. Mein are schrosch meier wheels onle 1 off them hase a drive spline.
    Onle the splne is not i a good shape....