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Monday, March 28, 2011

Schorsch Meier- BMW racing legend

Georg "Schorsch" Meier needs no introduction to those familiar with the history of BMW motorcycles.  Meier is perhaps best known for his victory at the Isle of Mann in 1939 aboard the works Kompressor machine.  The iconic photo of Meier during the senior TT epitomizes the essence of prewar BMW technology. 

There is a recently published book by noted author and BMW expert Stefan Knittel entitled "Georg 'Schorsch' Meier: Sein Leben in Bildern".  (Translation: "Georg 'Schorsch' Meier: His Life in Pictures".  The book is wonderful and outlines Meiers life from his formative years, early racing career, time with Auto Union and post war business ventures.  Of course great consideration is given to his motorcycle racing for the BMW works team before and after the war. 

After the war, while continuing to race, Meier turned his attention to business ventures.  He opened a motorcycle shop in 1949 selling motorcycles, parts and tires. A digital copy of  the "Schorsch Meier Prospekt" is below:

Sport riders and gentleman racers of the day could outfit their run-of-the-mill BMW with a host of performance parts and accessories.  On page six of the prospect is a rather interesting item.  The "radzierblende" hub cap with flared out slots for brake cooling.  A fantastic idea, though I have never seen a set in real life.

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